Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Directional Synchronicity: Highly Recommended

Recently I moved into a house that needed some roof repairs. I remembered last year when we almost bought a different house I had a conversation with a roofer that I had found on Angie's List (A recommendation website for services). I was so impressed with my conversation with Bradley from Bradley Builders that I decided that I wanted to call him again, a year later.

Because he is highly recommended, it did take a few weeks before he could get out to our house, which was okay because it was not an emergency. He was outside working when I heard a knock at the door. I went to the front door and saw him pounding so I assumed that was what I had heard. Then I heard another knock. He was still out the front door and did not look like he was trying to get my attention so I went and looked at the back door. No one was there. I remembered that my garage door was open so I went to the door to the garage and my dad was standing there.

I was surprised to see him. Since I moved to this house in May, my dad has not ever "dropped by." My dad immediately said, "What's Brad doing here?" I said, "You know him?" and he said, "Yes, he was my next door neighbor 15 years ago." Now here is the synchronicity. I had just seen my dad the day before but he decided for some reason that he needed to come over and bring me some magazines that he had for me. Were it not for his random drop-in on the same day at the same time the roofer was there, I would not have known that they were neighbors. I had already received excellent care from the roofer, but when he found out my dad was his former neighbor, I think that was the icing on the cake!

We're going to need a new roof in a couple of years and even though it's not the type of roof that Bradley would do, he still spent a significant amount of time walking me around and showing me what I will need to tell the roofers that come.


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Talking about synchronicites,you just created one by commenting on my "Higher Love" post.I was actually listening to Steve Winwood's "Revolutions" CD at the time and it was on "Higher Love" when I read your comment...and there are sixteen tracks on that CD.
I have had hundreds of synchros,but each one never fails to amaze me.
Life is much stranger than fiction.

A New Soul said...

Trippy! You are the king of synchros Darren!