Sunday, February 03, 2013

Directional Synchronicity: A Moldy Moment

Recently my husband and I were talking about the music genre of "funk." We tried to find a station on Sirius, but the only station we found was a blend that ended up playing Whitney Houston. I told him I had some real funk music and went looking in the basement for my CDs.

For the record, (pun intended), any real funk collection must include some Parliament:

While I was rooting around in my basement, I found a number of CDs that I had not yet opened. I had purchased them over two years ago. One of them I was very excited to see, a collection of Buddhist meditations by Pema Chödrön. The main reason the CDs were left unopened is that about a year ago, we had a sump pump malfunction and a subsequent flood in our basement about six months after we had moved in. I had not unpacked boxes and the cardboard soaked up a lot of the water. Sorting through ruined letters, photographs, postcards and books was very emotional for me. It is a year later and I have not finished the job.

When I brought the CDs upstairs, I noticed some of the cases were ruined by the water but the CDs were still intact. The meditation CD, however, was ruined. I tried as hard as I could to pry open the case and I could not. It wasn't cheap ($29), and I had never even listened to it! I began to cry. Then I noticed the title and that's when I couldn't help but laugh.

As I stood there and looked at my moldy CD that was over two years old and never opened, the lesson sunk in. The title of the CD was, "This Moment Is the Perfect Teacher." It almost became a Mantra.

This Moment Is the Perfect Teacher
This Moment Is the Perfect Teacher
This Moment Is the Perfect Teacher

My basement is full of memories from the past that I could not let go of. The flood, I've always felt, was a nudge from the universe to help me to start to let go. Seeing the mold was a shove. This could get really ugly if I don't do something soon.

It's time to clear it all out and stop living in the past.  LET GO.


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I like Pema Chödrön's work,I have a few books of hers and a CD program called "Don't Bite The Hook".
Writing of Funk reminded me of a CD I ordered from New York called
"Uncle Tony's Coloring In Book" by Blockhead.
It's not really funk,but is kind of funkyish.
You can listen to all the tracks on You Tube here -

I didn't realize that only 2000 were made,so I guess it is a bit of a collector's maybe I shouldn't let go of it.-)
This was one of those spur of the moment purchases where I liked the cover art and song titles like "Cheer Up You're Not Dead Yet" and
"Put Down Your Dream Journal And Dance".
I think I came across the CD on the net while Googling "Running Bear",as he uses it in "The Strain".
Although I have to say I prefer the original version myself.
Anyway thanks for reminding me about it,I think I'll blow the dust off it and put down my dream journal and dance,although some tracks could be a challenge to dance to.-)

A New Soul said...

Brizdaz - very interesting. Definitely a lot of different influences. I used to be a big fan of Art of Noise and this reminds me a bit of them too. It does make me want to CREATE.

Mark Rowan said...

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shadow7 said...

Funk....let go and get out of the funk....