Friday, February 01, 2013

Mirror Synchronicity: Snowflakes

Snowflakes actually start as tiny ice crystals that form from water vapor that freezes in the atmosphere. The size of a snowflake depends on how many ice crystals connect together. Like snowflakes, this synchronicity kept growing.

Part of my job as a hospice social worker is to lead groups. I was on the hook for leading a "Making Memories" craft/discussion group at a local nursing home. Nearly two months ago I had talked with the activities coordinator about the craft and I suggested we make snowflakes. It is a craft that most people remember from their childhood years. She thought that was a great idea.

Now first of all, I need to tell you that I am not a "crafty" person and I did not remember how to create them.   I knew I needed paper and scissors, which seemed easy enough. I got online a few times and tried to follow instructions on Pinterest, but my efforts never looked like the ones on the blogs.

This was also going to be my first time leading this craft group, so I wanted everything to go well. Snowflakes were on my mind. The first synchronicity happened when I was at my metaphysical party and a man who sells minerals and stones by the name of "TomStones" walked up and handed me a Snowflake Obsidian stone as a gift and said it was calling out to me.
On Tuesday the week of the event, a colleague called to confirm the event was on Thursday. I had Wednesday on my calendar. I called the activities coordinator and she said they had changed it Thursday but she must have forgotten to tell me. I was secretly relieved that I would have another day to figure out how to cut out the snowflakes so that I could teach the group.

On the day of the event I forgot my badge. I had an extra badge in my purse with the wrong name (Liz instead of Lizzy), but I figured that it would be better than not having a badge. I did not have a lanyard though. At the nursing home I was visiting in the morning, I walked in a different entrance than where my meeting was in order to go buy a lanyard from the store in the facility. Unfortunately it was closed. 

I walked through the long hallways to get from where the store was to where I needed to be. On the route there were beautiful quilts hanging up on the wall, which I admired greatly. When I made it over to the right part of the building I had some extra time so I inquired with the receptionist about a particular quilt that had caught my eye. She told me about the quilting group that exhibits. I said that I really wished I could quilt like they did but it seemed hard.

She said they were not hard at all. She used to do Hawaiian quilting. I had never heard of it.

She then said, "Do you remember how to do the snowflake craft from when we were kids?" I started laughing and she looked at me a bit strangely. I explained the situation that I was hours away from leading group and I had not yet figured it out.

By the way, here is an example of Hawaiian quilting.  Look familiar?

The receptionist took out her scissors and paper and demonstrated for me how to cut the paper.

Oh and one other synchronicity - the weather. On the day the event was originally scheduled (January 30), it was 65 degrees outside. The day we actually held the crafting event (January 31)?  SNOWY and 25.

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