Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mirror synchronicity: television lessons

Ok this has been the weirdest two days with regards to synchronicity.
I have a class on human development which talks about psychological development. In class on Monday we learned about bullies and also about midlife crises.
In another class I had a case study that had an elderly woman who had dementia and thought people were breaking into her home.

That night I watched Desperate Housewives on DVR and all three topics were on that one episode.

The tonight in another class on womens issues, I learned about bipolar disorder and then I come home and decide to catch up on the latest Law and Order SVU and sure enough, Bipolar disorder is the main topic.

If you're a regular reader, you know I blog big and small synchronicities...but these are the weirdest I have had in a while.


Sophia said...

These are great!!

This post leads to a synchronicity for me, too.

I never watch television shows. I mean, never. Maybe once or twice a year with the exception of catching the news every now and then.

Tonight, my husband had the television on and I had to walk by it to get from one room to another. I've been diagnosed "bipolar" for a number of years, so tonight, I noticed that word coming come the t.v. I mean, it stood out while everything else that was being said just didn't go noticed by me. It turns out, the show was the Law and Order program that you mentioned.

I am really glad that there is someone like you out there that gets as thrilled as I do about synchronicity.

The Seeker said...

Synchronicity is fascinating. I read Jung a few months back, and it really gets you thinking about events that have occured in your life. Great blog!