Thursday, June 24, 2010

Communicating without saying a word

Last week a new friend of mine, K., mentioned that she has had multiple psychics tell her that they were receiving contact from K.'s grandmother. What disturbed K. was that her grandmother had not yet died. She has dementia. Three days later K. and I were both at a séance where the person sitting next to K. told her that her grandmother was right there and had a message for K. but would only give it to K. directly. This is very frustrating for K. because while she is a healer, and she can also sense spirit, she has not previously had success with receiving auditory messages.

After the séance, I mentioned to K. that my aunt who had Alzheimer's was sending me messages before she had passed. I suggested perhaps there was unfinished business that her grandmother needed to resolve. K. acknowledged that there was and she said that her mother and her aunt were not getting along. I asked if K. was in the position to help mend that relationship, and she confirmed that she was.

In thinking about this experience and about signs in general, I realized that not all messages need to be auditory. I have had a strong desire to receive auditory messages, but when I review my blog history, I know I have been receiving the love and guidance loud and clear without anyone ever saying a word.

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Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Insightful post and I agree 100%. Communication comes in all shapes and sizes.