Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Directional Synchronicity: Timing is everything

I graduated with my MSW in June and had been looking all summer for a full time job. It seemed as if I was never going to find one. I knew God had a reason but I wasn't sure what it was...

Then I found my dream house which would require a lot of contractors and an architect (the dream house had a big hole in the roof). I told myself that I wasn't able to find a full time job because I needed to be part time to work with the vendors.

Well, the strangest thing happened. Two days before we were supposed to close on the house, the financing fell through (because of the hole). That is the SAME day that I got a job offer for a full time job.

Had I gotten the job and the house, I would've been a wreck. I wouldn't have had time to work on the house and also the job was on the other side of town from where the house was.

Had I lost both the house and the job, I would've been a wreck. I would still be wondering why, when I finally found my life's purpose, I wasn't able to fulfill my promise.

But now I have the job and not the house and in hindsight, I think that's they way it was supposed to play out all along.

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