Monday, April 02, 2012

Directional Synchronicity: You're Lizzy!

I was at the ADEC conference in Atlanta and it was between sessions. I was undecided on my direction and ended up walking one way and then turning around and walking the other way. As I walked past the elevator, the door opened and a woman came out and said emphatically, "You're Lizzy!"

I was a bit surprised, but she told me that a man named Robbie had told her to come find me. She said, "You know Robbie, don't you?" I said that unfortunately I didn't. At these conferences, I meet a lot of people and speak to groups and more people know who I am than I know.

I asked her, "What exactly did he say?" Then it became clear. He is connected to me on Twitter and told her, "Lizzy is a friend of palliative care." He had seen on my Twitter posts that I was going to be attending the conference, and he had told her to track me down.

The funny thing is, he had told her via Facebook to track me down, just a minute before she got on the elevator. That is why her voice was so emphatic because she could not believe that I had materialized right there.

As it turned out, Val and I made a wonderful connection. She is a palliative care nurse educator, and we had a lot in common. I am really grateful that she had been directed my way by an acquaintance on Twitter.

Throughout the conference, Val and I kept meeting by chance. It turned out the be quite humorous all the places we were running into each other.

*** UPDATE***
I sent a twitter post to Robbie, the man who introduced Val and I. He just tweeted me back to say that Val walked into the room while he was reading this post!!!

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