Monday, April 02, 2012

Mirror Synchronicity: Live Tweet

I was live-tweeting the opening session at my ADEC conference...

Before you judge, I have to tell you I am the Social Media and Networking Chair for ADEC the Association for Death Education and Counseling. It is my job to tweet during the sessions. I am subtle.

William Worden received recognition for his work in grief counseling and I had just tweeted a comment he made that I liked,

@_Lizzy_ Early ADEC..."It was pretty grass roots. Why? Because we were sitting on the grass in Maryland" -W. Worden #ADEC12

I then heard a woman behind me lean over to the person next to her and say, "Wow - someone is tweeting the speakers as they speak." I turned around and said sheepishly, "that was me." We both smiled and introduced ourselves. Out of 500 people in the room, the person she was talking about was sitting in front of her.

Michelle then tweeted,

@1HeartHealerLA @_lizzy_ great to see someone else tweeting about Worden and #ADEC12

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1HeartHealer said...

Hi Lizzy... Love this post and came to revisit it again today. Any chance you will be at ADEC 2013 in Hollywood so we can arrange some purposeful synchronicity?