Thursday, July 05, 2012

19 examples of the magic age of 91

Think you are too old to be adventurous?  To try something new?  To be physically fit?  Think again.

These 91 year olds are testimony to the adage by Mark Twain, "Age is an issue of mind over matter.  If you don't mind, it doesn't matter."

1.  91 year old hospice patient goes skiing

(this is the woman who inspired me with the idea of the magic age of 91- I kept seeing news articles about people who were 91 and doing fabulous things)
Photo: Liz Miles/ Source:  Columbus Dispatch

2.  91 year old goes skydiving


3.  91 year old yoga instructor

Source: Matt May / Guinness World Records via Today

4.  91 year old ping pong champion

Source:  The Guardian

5.  91 year old exhibits her art at a gallery for the first time

Source: Times Union

6.  91 year old chases down and catches thief who stole her laptop

Source:  Calgary Herald

7.  91 year old strongman can pull a car with his teeth!

Source:  Fox news via Mail Online

8.  91 year old grandma catches foul ball at baseball game

Source:  Mercury News

9.  91 year old triathlete is world's oldest

Source:  The Telegraph

10.  91 year old farmer still drives tractor and works on the farm

Source:  Enterprise News

11.  91 year old artist publishes his autobiography

Source:  Washington Times

12.  91 year old went on a solo road trip to Alaska

Source:  Bangor Daily News

13.  91 year old coordinated and modeled in a fashion show

Source:  Sunpress news

14.  91 year old became a body builder at 85

Source:  Believe it or not blogspot

15.  91 year old goes on Indy race car ride (source Aol online)

16.  91 year old rides in stunt plane for the first time

Source:  Temecula Patch

17.  91 year old still can jam on the drums (You gotta see it to believe it)

18.  91 year old mariachi singer still performing despite cancer

Source Latino Fox News

19.  91 year old grandma poses as a superhero for photographer

Photos are by her grandson, French photographer Sasha Goldberger... what a fun idea!  
Check out Comics Alliance to see more photos

Source:   Comics Alliance

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Elizabeth said...

This is just GREAT. Have read some of the stories behind the pictures and bookmarked them for when I start to feel I can't. :))