Monday, July 23, 2012

Mirror Synchronicity: The Cat who Likes to Meditate

This is Karma.  Apparently, she likes to meditate.  On my IPad I have downloaded several relaxation and meditation apps with Glenn Harrold.  At first his accent was a bit distracting, but now I think it is relaxing and the recordings are amazing!  One of my favorite ones is the "Chakra Cleansing."

Three times in a row, Karma jumped up on me and started kneading my chest while I was listening to the meditation.  What was even more amusing, is that each time it happened during the same part in the recording that clears the third chakra, which is the Solar Plexus.

Usually by the time I got to the fourth chakra in the meditation, she has settled down, laying right on my chest, purring loudly and sending me her healing energy.

She must like his voice because if I turn on the "instant sleep" meditation to help me fall asleep, she comes running into the bedroom and jumps up and settles down parallel to me.  Strangely, during that meditation, she does not jump onto my chest - it is only when I'm clearing my chakras.

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Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

What a cutie Karma is! Wise, too, since she enjoys meditation.