Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Silver Sparks

It's no secret that I am a third generation metaphysical believer. I started this blog eight years ago after my mother died and I started to note what I considered to be synchronicities and signs from the universe that those on the other side were trying to communicate with us.  The volume of experiences has taught me that the signs are more than just coincidences.

My own abilities to directly communicate with the other side have been slow to develop but they have been evolving.  When my cat, Kitty, died in July of 2009, I felt her presence via vibration (purring).  I blogged about it here.

Then in May of 2010 when my aunt died, I had a Shared Death Experience (SDE).  I blogged about some of it and eventually I ended up putting together a book about the experiences.

Since then, my abilities have subsided somewhat, but I do still frequently see spirit activity in the form of sparks.

This past weekend, I had a new experience.  I was at a metaphysical party. I started going to this gathering two years ago after my experiences with my aunt happened because it was the one place I could go where people wouldn't look at me like I was crazy when I shared what had happened to me.

Usually I will get a reading or two from one of the psychics or mediums who attend the party. This weekend, however, I was the one who gave the reading!  This is an entirely new experience to me.

There were six of us sitting in the basement. I was talking to a new guest who is 14 and an old soul. When I was focused on her, there were sparks to my left were quite active. Most of the time when I see sparks, I ignore them, assuming that it's just a bug or dust flying around. This time, however, the sparks were quite frequent and hard for me to miss.

I asked if anyone else noticed anything over in that side of the room and they said no.  I said, "someone is trying to get my attention."  After that I continued talking but the sparks became more intense and shifted to a bright silver color, like tinfoil. This is new for me.

Once again, I acknowledged the sparks and that they were silver now. The others in the group asked me if I knew gender or who it was. I closed my eyes, and nothing. I didn't have any idea. The only thing I could say for sure was that they were concentrated near one person. I will call her Fiona.

Fiona said it could be her grandfather or ... (I didn't hear the other person she said).  Then within a matter of a few minutes I had an extreme cold sensation as if I was standing in a walk-in freezer. I was wearing a wool sweater and there was no reason for my teeth to be chattering. I laughed at the sensation and told the group what I was experiencing. This spirit was NOT going to leave me alone.

The old soul handed me a device that works as a divining rod and I used it to ask the spirit questions. I asked who it was connected to and it pointed to Fiona. I asked if it was her grandfather and it said no. Every question I asked multiple times just to make sure. Then I confirmed with Fiona that she had not told me the other one who had died. She was about to tell me and I said, "don't." I asked, "Are you family?" and the rod stuck in the middle between yes and no. I asked two more times and the same thing happened.

I turned to Fiona and told her what I felt. This spirit was confused by the question because they felt like family but were not "technically" family.  That is when Fiona told me that she had lost her four year old step-daughter.  The little girl had died nine years ago in an accidental Jacuzzi drowning, while in the babysitters care.

For the next half hour, Fiona shared stories about the little girl, and I could feel the emotions the girl felt as she heard stories about herself. At one point Fiona talked about what a rascal she was and how she played pranks. I found myself giggling hysterically and feeling a deep sense of pride for "myself" on the craftiness of the prank. Embarrassed that I was laughing so hard, I covered my mouth with my left hand. Fiona looked at me and said, "she was left-handed too."

My lesson from this experience is that spirit likes to be acknowledged. Even though this little girl died nine years ago, she was still visiting with her loved one.  What a great feeling that our loved ones are still with us. I slept well that night.


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Wow! I felt your contentment in that last sentence. Amazing anecdote.