Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Required Reading: Calls to the Mystic Alice

I am a compulsive book buyer.  I now probably own over 50 metaphysical books.  Just this week, I bought 10 books in one trip to Half Price Books. Unfortunately, I often buy more books before I have read the ones that I have. Fortunately, I finally set out to read a book I purchased last year: Calls to the Mystic Alice by a psychic named Alice Rose Morgan.  It was a great read and in fact, I finished the whole book in two days, which is a rarity for me.  Alice talks about what she has learned over the years from her spirit guides (she calls them 'spooks' but I don't like that term). She talks about energy and Karma and reincarnation and 'working it out' on the Astral plane. If you're into all of that stuff, I would recommend that you find a copy of this book. 

p.s. if anyone has suggestions for curing my acquisition problem...I'm listening

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