Saturday, February 19, 2011

Afterlife Communication: Hot enough for you?

My friend "Gary" died this week. As I mentioned in other posts, he had always said that he would continue to stay in touch. The night he died my friend K was sitting in front of her fireplace when her furnace went on. The furnace, while only set at 74 went all the way up to 79, which was strange for her since it should've been able to read the heat from the fireplace. As K sat there sweating she laughed because she knew it was Gary's way of saying hello. In the months before he died they had a running joke about the temperature of his house. He always tried to get her to take her coat off and she said she was always cold. When the heat wouldn't go off, she knew it was him! After she acknowledged him, the furnace went off.

Gary always had a sense of humor...we anticipate many more crazy messages to follow.

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