Monday, February 07, 2011

Directional Synchronicity: God opens a window - Part II

A couple of months ago I posted a synchronicity about a friend who found a potential job offer waiting for her in her email after she quit her hospice job without having another job lined up.

Well, mid January, I too decided to quit MY hospice social worker position after only 2 1/2 months in and without having another job lined up. It was not a spontaneous decision and I gave two weeks so as to wrap everything up and leave on a positive note. My co-workers couldn't believe that I didn't have something else arranged and were stressed on my behalf. Strangely, I wasn't worried and I knew that everything would turn out ok. I trusted the universe.

Still, it came as a complete surprise when a week after I gave notice, I received an email offer for a consulting position from someone who found me on LinkedIn. Here's where the synchronicities occurred to me. The opportunity for me is a very good one but not one I would be able to pursue if I were working full time. Because the company won't have full time work right away, the timing also would not have worked if I had been out of work for a while. My online profile did not yet indicate I was unemployed.

So basically out of the blue I got an offer for a job I would really like to do, at JUST the RIGHT TIME.

Synchronicity #2
Our first conversation on a Wednesday evening went well and then I got nervous. I referenced this blog and some other writing that I do that all has a metaphysical bent to it. I sent an email in the morning to my contact telling her that I knew I wouldn't be referencing spirits and and psychic messages in my work for her.

My contact had told her husband about our conversation and the next morning he expressed a slight concern of my references to psychics, etc. She told him to go read the email. He didn't know what she was saying and reiterated his concern. She said, "GO READ MY EMAIL" and sure enough, I had sent the email to them with my recognition of the separateness of the psychic stuff right before he mentioned it. He was so surprised by the coincidence of it all, HE sent ME an email telling me about the synchronicity.

Synchronicity #3
The way that the company found me on LinkedIn was through a group to which we both belong. The group did not have an online presence on LinkedIn until I created it, 2 months ago.

This may not be quite a succinct synchronicity to others, but the whole thing feels very magical to me.

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