Sunday, August 07, 2011

Afterlife Communication: The Macy's Receipt

This story was posted in a discussion group I belong to and I asked the storyteller, Mel, if I could retell his story. I consider this to be an example of afterlife communication.

I was 19 years old, living in the basement apartment of my parents home one semester while I commuted to college. I awaken one morning and go to my desk where I see a very old, yellowed sales receipt from Macy's Herald Square in NYC. It strikes me as odd, given it wasn't there the night before. I look further and see the date on the receipt is 9.9.55, 15 years earlier.

After a moment's reflection a chill comes over me. On 9.9.55 my parents received a phone call very early in the am alerting them that my grandmother had dies suddenly that night, at the age of 62.

If the receipt had not been as aged as it was I might have written this off as a peculiar coincidence. But it was clearly 15 years old. On that morning, a Sunday morning no one went shopping to Macy's. Firstly, we were in shock and my mother was traumatized. Furthermore, this was a Sunday and in those years department stores weren't open on Sundays.

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