Thursday, September 15, 2011

Directional Synchronicity: Kismet meeting #2 of 2

Yesterday I drove to Cleveland for the day to spend time with my uncle who had lost his wife (my aunt) last year and just recently lost his mom. We had a wonderful day visiting, but given that Cleveland is a two hour drive, I was tired on the drive home. About half an hour before I would have arrived home, I received multiple pleas from the volunteer coordinator at the hospice. There was a patient who was actively dying and alone. His family lived out of town and the facility did not have the staff to stay with him. They were looking for eleventh hour volunteers. Was anyone available?

I thought about it. I was exhausted. It was 8:00 at night and I had not yet eaten dinner. I had been away from home all day, and had things I had planned to do.

Yet I felt compelled to go volunteer. Why? I kept asking myself... why are you doing this to yourself? Are you trying to be a martyr? I really wasn't, but I just knew that I should go.

Funny enough, it wasn't for the patient - he was fine. There was an on-call nurse, Mary, who had been sitting with him until they could round up the volunteers. I had never met her before, but like my other post that I mentioned, there are some people who you instantly click with. We started talking about the patient, which transitioned to how I knew everyone at the hospice (I used to work there) which transitioned to metaphysical stuff. Amazingly, Mary and I have a LOT in common. She started to talk about synchronicities. I laughed. I said, "You don't know who you're talking to! I have been writing about synchros for seven years!" We bonded at the bedside of a dying patient. After she left, I thanked the patient. I told him he was a great party host for introducing us. I stayed with him for hours and we just sat and held hands.

Later when I did the shift change, someone who worked at the facility told me a bit more about the patient in life. He definitely was the life of the party and would've been the type to have introduced Mary and I. Funny. I hope that Mary and I become friends.


trish said...

Wonderful story! A synchro buddy.

Elizabeth said...

What a fantastic story. Oh how often I wish for something so magical to happen.

I hope that the woman you met, will take over the special stor. Than it will get a chance to grow into a wonderful place to meet.

Have a great weekend.