Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mirror Synchronicity: Japan

So last night at a party I had a past-life reading for the first time. I found it to be... interesting. I have been curious about my 'past lives' for as long as I remember but never had a reading before. This was a freebie, so it was quick. She told me that in the 1500s I had been a teenage boy training to be a Samurai in Japan. There were a lot more details to the reading, primarily around positive traits and attributes carried forward into this lifetime such as integrity, loyalty and pride.

I had never met the psychic before and I found the story to be intriguing. She could not know that I lived in Japan as an infant and actually spoke Japanese as my first language (my nanny spoke little English). I have always lamented that I had the potential to be fluent in Japanese had my parents pursued my language education. Additionally, I am strongly interested in Buddhist and Zen cultures.

SO, here's where it gets kind of weird for me. A year ago I had magical sort of dream about flying koi fish when I was in Las Vegas at a casino. The following day, I saw a slot machine with a Koi on it, played it, and won like $80 and then continued to win for an hour on the slots that I was draw to. [Regrettably, I did not blog that directional synchronicity when I returned from my trip].

So LAST night I had a dream that involved a classroom environment and I remembered distinctly that I needed to go to room 226. Because I woke up with that number in my head I was curious about the symbolism. I typed +226 number symbolism into Google and the first hit that comes up is this Wikipedia story about Koi fish which are from Japan. Apparently the oldest Koi lived to the age of 226. What is strange to me is that there is no way I would have consciously made the connection with that number to Koi or to Japan.

So last night's dream tied both back to the dream last year about the Koi and also to my past life reading. Does it mean anything? Maybe, maybe not, but it was still pretty trippy!


Elizabeth said...

Have no idea what it means but for sure it is very intriging.

Have a great weekend.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I wrote a post on my blog about koi fish and dragon symbology after viewing the movie "Dragon" and then going to my local Buddhist temple to celebrate Chinese New Year of the Dragon with them.