Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The orb in the corner

This past weekend I was visiting with my neighbors in their outdoor porch area.  My neighbor was telling me about the loss of her sister nearly twenty years ago.  She was describing to me how she could feel her sister's presence, but then she would end with, "Am I crazy?"  As she was talking, I noticed a big ball in the corner of the porch.  I was trying to pay attention to her but the ball kept growing and growing and it started to light up.  Although I see orbs frequently now, I am still not used to seeing them so I am always perplexed.  I felt bad because my neighbor was sitting in a position where I had to turn my head away from her to look in the corner but I was just so drawn to it.  Then as soon as I acknowledged it, it flared and disappeared.  It seems like every time I see an orb, it bounces around or does something to get my attention but once I acknowledge it, it is gone.  Anyone else experience this?  Why won't they stay when I admit that I see them?

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