Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Navigating Without a Compass

My new neighbors Michelle and Dan are very much like my husband and I in one respect.  She and I believe in spirit communication, and the men do not.  In an extended coversation after I witnessed an orb, we expressed frustration with their inability to believe in what we know to be true.  Because I had just seen an orb, I wanted to pull out my camera and see if I could capture anything on film.  My husband touched my arm and said, "please don't."  It occurred to me then that not only did he not believe in signs and messages from the other side, but that he really wasn't interested in becoming a believer either. 

We (them women) were feeling sorry for them (our men), but then I realized that perhaps they have a different life lesson.  Perhaps it is their lesson in this lifetime to go without signs or proof.  Perhaps they are meant to navigate without a compass.  And then it struck me...perhaps they are more evolved souls than we are?  It has been said that God gives us the tools that we need to make our way in this world.  Maybe my search for signs has stemmed from a lack of confidence.  Maybe my search has been saying, "God, I don't feel strong enough to handle this world on my own, I need to know that you're there to hold my hand."   In thinking about the compass metaphor, I started researching orienteering.  Sure enough, it takes skill to read a map and a compass.  But the truely advanced orienteers find their way without either.  The Bushwalker's Guide to the Galaxy suggests that "someone who can navigate without them [Map and Compass] is less likely to feel stranded or lost."  Wow.  So, I guess this means that less reliance on "signs" and more reliance on inner self will better help us find our way.

Besides, it does not surprise me that these men don't want to stop and ask for directions.

As an aside, I found a really interesting article on another site about intention and our inner ability to navigate here.


Trish said...

Men rarely stop to ask for directions. They plunge forward, trusting...well, something. It['s a mystery to me still what that something is. Great post.
- Trish

Elizabeth said...

Totally agree with you and Trish, men don't ask for directions. But the men I know are very fond of their gps in the car!?!
Your idea of having lack of confidence is very interesting, gotta think about that one.

Enjoy your sunday evening.