Sunday, August 30, 2009

Directional Synchronicity: Automatic Writing

My grandmother talked about automatic writing a lot and she even did some herself. One of her favorite authors was Ruth Montgomery who channeled guides and spirits and wrote books from what they said.

[as an aside, I was a bit overwhelmed by the volume of books by Ruth - any suggestions on where to start?]

So I did some google searches to find out how to do automatic writing. One of the suggestions that I saw was to have the brain somewhat distracted watching tv while the hand is writing. My first attempt involved me playing Bejeweled with my left hand while I tried to write with my right hand. The writing came out complete jibberish. They weren't even letters but something that looked like a heart rate. So then I thought that maybe it would be easier to type. I tried playing texas holdem on my phone and switching which hands I was typing with. Here's what I wrote:

Weret eigkjas nvgg;lkjlkjlkjdfsoiuwernalsdkjboiubserhewlrkjadfgoiulkmjlkjg SDLKQJWEGDAAsdwerj khkjhASD’;LJKasdklhvixuy SDHJQWEBasdm,nvzdxlkuhqsedoiuwekjhASDKJLKPOKWE asdkjwenbbQWELKJPOQ[apsdlkjn,

A bunch of nonsense again. So I gave up. When I woke up this morning, my brain was wired and even though I was still super tired, I couldn't stop thinking. So I got out my journal and just started writing. I wrote and wrote and wrote. The one thing that I did differently than I normally do is that I didn't correct anything. Sometimes I wrote the wrong word or I misspelled words and I didn't go back to correct them. Now, this is not a new idea of course... The Artist Way suggests that we write 'morning pages' every day. I've tried it before but I think I was still self editing. Maybe because I was tired - I just didn't do that... just kept writing for pages and pages. Seven pages in all with no breaks, which is a new record for me. Anyways - the clarity and understanding that came through for me was absolutely incredible. I know this sounds cheesy but my life will never be the same from this day forward. It was that good for me. Try it. :) and of course, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

So back to the synchronicity - I really feel like the timing of my dad giving me my grandmother's messages was exactly what I needed at this point in time.

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Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

My favorite ruth montgomery book is about walk ins. I think that was the title. Check it out.