Monday, August 10, 2009

Required Reading: Unfinished Business

James Van Praagh is one of my favorite of the nationally known psychics who write books. (I am also a big fan of Sonia Choquette). Mr. Van Praagh has an easy-going way about him and a conversational writing style. He seems like somone I would enjoy having tea with. The book is really all about making the most of each day now and living your life to it's fullest. I know that sounds kind of cheesy by my description but it really is a kick in the butt to stop thinking 'someday.... What I also really like about Mr Van Praagh is that he's humble and he admits that he still makes mistakes sometimes too. I can't say yet that it changed my life, but I do feel like since I've finished the book I have had a different outlook on life. It's the kind of book I can see myself picking up again once a year as a refresher.

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