Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mirror Coincidence: If you need something, just ask

I was at a girl's poker night party at my friend's house and we started talking about a mentalist that I was going to see in Vegas. I was trying to explain that mentalists aren't psychic but that they just are very good with non-verbal signals. I started looking around for a small object like a penny to demonstrate one of the tricks but I couldn't find one in my pockets or in my friend's junk drawer. Finally, I said "Does anyone have a penny?" and right then my friend Jami handed me the penny she was holding in her hand. She said that just that moment she realized she had a single penny in her pocket and she thought it was weird.

As a side note, I demonstrated my trick and my friend Amy who is really good at reading people guessed 7 out of 7 correctly which hand I was hiding it in, even though I was trying to hold my hands exactly the same.


Sophia said...

Sounds like you had a good time! That would be a nice skill to have just to see the looks on people's faces. :)

A New Soul said...

It's not just have to be paying attention. To play the game, have someone hold their hands out in front of them with one hand holding a penny. Subconsciously they will tell you which hand it is, even if they're trying to be perfectly still. Sometimes one hand is squeezed tighter. Sometimes one is higher. Sometimes their face is pointed towards the hand with the penny...each person has their own tells. Or, to freak someone out, don't tell them anything and let them guess which hand. If they try, they can usually do it, but they don't know how. It's their subconscious reading your body language.