Thursday, September 29, 2011

Directional Synchronicity: The Lottery!

Ok, I know what you're thinking so first let me just say that I fully acknowledge this might just be wishful thinking...but read the whole post first and then tell me if you think there might be a synchronicity somewhere.

It all started on September 24th when I found a used lottery ticket on the ground by my mailbox. When one finds a lottery ticket one needs to verify that it isn't a winner, right? I did check and discovered that no, it was not a winner. BUT the ticket reminded me that I had a coupon for a Buy $5 Lottery Ticket and get a $2 one free.

So I dig around in my mail pile to find the coupon and discover that it expires THAT DAY.

Of course, I go to buy a $5 ticket and get my free $2 lottery ticket.

The $2 one is not a winner, but the $5 ticket is. I win $5. I keep the winning $5 ticket in my purse for the next time I happen to go to the gas station.

The following day, I am watching Family Guy and the episode is entitled, "Lottery Fever" . I am surprised and excited to see another lottery reference so soon. I tell my husband about the lottery synchronicity and that perhaps this is a 'sign'. My husband says, "Forget the scratch offs - if we win the lottery, I want it to be the big one."

Before you scoff, I need to tell you that you will never win the lottery if you don't play. And maybe I'm wrong, but I'm not going to ignore a potential synchronicity that tells me to play the lottery. I don't normally play... but the last time I had a dream about the lottery I bought a ticket and won $75. Small wins, people, small wins.

So anyways, I don't know much about the lottery but I tell my husband to stop at the gas station so I can buy a ticket. I cash in my winning $5 scratch off and tell him I want the megamillions. Before I can ask any questions, the guy punches it in and gives me 5 single entries. BUT I notice that I didn't get the Megaplier number. I was disappointed but not so disappointed as to get another ticket. This is just for fun anyways.

So, the night of the drawing, I creep down to the computer after 11 to check my ticket. I am kicking myself for not getting the Megaplier. I don't understand the whole megaplier thing but it seems like you need it to really win big. I have a number here and a number there but I can't really tell if I won.

Today I stopped in to the gas station and asked the attendent to check the ticket. Sure enough, I won again - $2!!! (small wins, people, small wins). So what do I do with my $2? Well, I am going to ride the rush. I bought one ticket WITH the Megaplier this time. The drawing is tomorrow night. Maybe I will win.

If this ticket doesn't win, I'm done for now until I get another inkling of a sign. I will keep you posted.

BUT JUST FOR FUN... here's my promise. IF I win the FULL megamillions jackpot ($113 million), I will believe that it was your positive energy that helped and I will give $1,000 each (one thousand dollars!) to the first 20 people who comment on this post (one comment per person please - don't be greedy).


Anonymous said...

First :)!

tabtabthesilly said...

So...what do you think it means? That *something* is telling you to play the lottery so you can win?

Sibyl Hunter said...

Fingers crossed :-)

*kelly* said...

Oh count me in. You know us Slevin's are all about our synchronicities!

Maria said...

Only you!!! I hope you win big! :)

KSlevin said...

Good luck Lady! :)

Heather A. said...

I believe in you!

Heather A.

A New Soul said...

Hi all, thank you for your support. I didn't win a single number in that lottery! It was not meant to be, apparently. It was a fun idea to think about sharing it, so I will likely buy a ticket again and see if we can win next time.

Elizabeth said...

What a great story, just following your hunches, some work and some might not but the thrill of that opportunity is fantastic.

Have a similiar event going on although it isn't a lottery. So like you I keep my fingers crossed, good luck!!!!

Dre said...

I think I'm going to buy a ticket also, LOL! Hope you win.


Sacramento Locals Restaurant Review said...

Its so funny that I found your blog. Synchronocity has as of the past few months become the activity in which I log in my diary so that I can recognize it more often. It feels like its in stereo at this very moment.

I always begin my day with asking, "What does the day have in store for me" and I follow the direction I feel like going in.

Today I felt like stopping at the 76 station and buying a Mega Millions Ticket. The clerk smiled and said, "I supposed you would want the winning ticket". I said "Yes, thank you and if I win I will be back."

Reviewing my quick pick ticket I notice that my favorite number appears (24), purchased on the 24th and one of the line items of identifying the ticket itself has a 124 which is a spicier version of 24 for me so I giggled. Turning the ticket over revealed the last three numbers added to 24.

I am typing all of this on a laptop that I thought was dead in the water for the last two weeks. It just refused to power on. But after reading an online help guide on my iphone it powered up right at 1.24 on the 24th which is today.

So following further synchronity I googled "synchronicity and the lottery" and found your blog about the mega millions. I am really giggling at this point. Because you mentioned Septemeber 24th, and that is the only reason I continued reading. And I am really thankful that I did, I have been searching my inner world to discover the own internal feelings about money and winning money. I had a lot of belief systems that were not consistant with winning therefore I never expereinced any synchronicity regarding winning. Basically I had a few blocks, but odviously I have worked successfully through them. Wow, wow, wow. Thank you for your blog and being here at this synchronistic moment!!

shadow7 said...

I'm am now listening as well. Looking for the clues.

G M Hearn said...

Winning would be nice. :)

Zaytoven21 said...

I had the same synchronicity but I kept seeing numbers and sure enough, they were 5. I don't know much about the lottery either but I played the numbers that have been stalking me for the past 3 weeks. The drawing is tonight. And I played the numbers today and I havent seen the numbers since. Is it wrong to take this chance?

Unknown said...
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Hofi A. said...

Best wishes! I tend to pick up on periodic number synchronicities, which end up coming out as partial winning numbers (low winnings). Wish I had the discipline to play both games everyday b/c I would've made ~$215 more by now :-P ...Maybe I'd be much more motivated, if the jackpot numbers were showing up in my dreams instead of these $25 & $50 matches I've been receiving 🙂

Walt said...

Wondering what to do with my $1000! Good Luck!!

Walt said...

Wondering what to do with my $1000! Good Luck!!